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What is result oriented training? That simply means what is the degree of results you expect from the method you’re using.
When training your dog the type of training will dictate the different methods that will be used.
Obedience, agility or trick training each have their own reliable methods that will produce the desired results, as well as the tools needed to accomplish it.

Let’s look at obedience training, everyone claims one method or another the truth is if it works for your dog great use it.
If you have control, then continue using that method. To know if it works test it by going to congested areas in public.
If the obedience is weak, then ask your self is it the method or is it the lack of practice causing the issue. If you truly know that you’re practicing daily and the results aren’t there, talk to your trainer and see what they say. Sometimes it’s in the way you are practicing or the method is useless for your dog.

The steps required for obedience training is easy, the main reason dogs fail is the lack of practice done by the owner.
Each command must be mastered before moving on to the next set of commands and week by week the dog learns new commands and progresses forward. Always praise your dog after each well done command, do not physically praise only verbally in a calm good voice. If you physically praise the dog it will be jumping all over the place from that. Verbal Praise goes a long way…
The dog’s obedience level of response is the reflection of the owner, in other words how much effort has the owner put in. It will show in the dog’s response and dogs don’t lie.

If you’re training method is only based on treat training not only your limited but don’t expect the results you’re looking for. Treats should be in your tool box but not used as your method for obedience training. People use this method because the dog responds quickly and it’s easy. The owner feels good giving treats to their dog, but in reality they are doing more harm than anything else. A dog should respond out of respect for their owner and not for the rewards it receives, when it comes to obedience training.

When is it best to use treats in obedience training? The answer is as a lure for hard headed dogs or for those dogs that are strong willed. But never give then the treats give them praise instead. Military or police dogs are not trained with treats, can you image the K9 is pursuing a criminal and the criminal offers the K9 a treat then takes off with the K9 as his buddy.

When training for tricks always use treats.
When training for agility, don’t use treats. (Use praise always).
Always take consideration of the breed you own before wanting to sign up; some breeds are not suitable for agility training.

Results are achieved with my formula which I have mentioned many times
Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition


Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.






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