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As dog owners you should always be diligent with your surroundings as well as vigilant.
Many people don’t pay attention and allow their dogs to be off leash, which can put the dog in a dangerous situation. Little dogs or big dogs can be subjected to many different situations that can bring them harm. Always keep an eye for other dogs that are loose that they don’t rush your dog, they might be friendly and they might not be. Always be careful when walking your dog many wild animals, many coyotes, bob cats, panthers, wolves, snakes, gators, birds of prey and the list goes on. Having dogs on leash is your best bet for their safety.
A woman was walking their medium sized dog and out of nowhere this iguana about 2 feet long came charging the dog, thankfully it retreated back in to the bushes.

Be also cautious when your dog is smelling around the grass, and make sure it doesn’t eat anything. With so many poisonous plants or garbage thrown out by people, when digested can become a life threatening situation. Don’t let your dog smell other animal excrements, some dogs are quick and may grab and swallow it. Feces of any animal contain many forms of bacteria and microorganisms. Some of the bacteria may not be fatal but you never know plus it is disgusting. Dogs that eat animal excrements are the cause of underlying issues and many dogs will even eat their own poop. The medical name for that is called coprophagia. Here are some reasons why they do; undigested food, bad habit, owner caused (during housebreaking by sticking the dogs nose in its poop and scolding, and in the young dogs mind it will eat it so it doesn’t get scolded). Other reasons maybe the lack of enzymes (most probably the cause) or lack of certain nutrients that are missing in their diet. This behavior can only be corrected by a behaviorist or professional dog trainer that is knowledgeable, medications & powders do not work.

With little dogs its best to be outside with them, never leave them unattended, even for a minute. Even if you have a back yard that is fenced, many wild animals can grab them. There are many birds of prey that you must watch out for, day or night. Never walk your dogs on those useless retractable leashes; it’s a hazard to your dog and to you. With a retractable leash you can’t always catch your dog when it grabs something to eat which can be very harmful to them. There are many reasons why the retractable leashes can prove to be dangerous; the cons out weights the pros. Sometimes stores leave water bowls for dogs that are on walks, although the gesture is good it could contain all sorts of bacteria’s either left by other dogs or even rodents that sneak a drink from it. Do not give water to your pet if it has been vigorously playing under the sun and panting, wait 10 min then give room temperature water. Or if you wish have a large piece of ice the size of his bowl, which they can lick instead.

Always be diligent & vigilant with your pet, and use common sense.
If you are planning to have your pet trained it is important to know what type of training you want, and choose the right trainer to help you achieve those goals. Remember be vigilante when choosing a trainer.

Obedience training requires; Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition

Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.





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