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Dog training has hundreds of different definitions, pending who you ask.
The general public or a professional trainer’s definition will not always be the same.
Training is based on what the owner wants or needs, most times its obedience training, and other times it may be a specialization of some form. Every dog regardless must go through the obedience training first, before going into any specialization.

Proper obedience training is a must for all dogs, regardless of breed and age.
Obedience also shifts the dog’s position in the hierarchy of the family, and through training the dog will acknowledge its position in the home and will not challenge the alpha.
If a dog has no proper obedience training the dog will assume the alpha position and behave as it pleases. A dog during obedience training will challenge the owner every step of the way, until the dog acknowledges his owners as the leader aka alpha.Obedience training is a must, prior to any advance training or specialization.
As an owner of a dog, ask yourself what specialization you would like to advance your dog too?

The type of obedience training will have a direct effect towards the specialization.
Here is a very simple example; if you’re planning to have your dog as a personal protection dog; Do Not use treats for training.
Always confide in your trainer with what your goals are for later, he or she will guide you.
However make sure the trainer has done that type of specialization and is fluent in it.
Ask to see proof so later you won’t have surprises. If the trainer is honest they will guide you in the right direction, even if means sending you to another trainer.
However if the trainer is fluent towards the specialization you’re looking for, or to the level you want to bring your dog; feel confident and sign up. Remember you must work and follow instruction as per your trainer’s guidance to achieve results.

Proper obedience training is based on the dogs respect level towards you. To achieve the respect of a dog it takes many hours, days and months of Patience, Persistence, Consistency and Repetition.
Reward based training (treats) should be used for trick training or used as a lure. It is also used for special dogs being trained to smell out cancer on patients.
Other type of reward training is based on using a toy(ball) or tug(rope), for detection training of narcotics or explosives. Certain training should be done at the same time as the obedience training.
Here is an example following the other example I gave. If your goals are to have a personal protection dog, then you must at a young age teach the dog puppy bite training assuming it has what it takes character and temperament wise.
If its agility you want, then you can also incorporate the agility training with the obedience. Although best is to do the obedience training first. If it’s a young puppy do the simple agility obstacles during the obedience training. Adult dogs can participate in the agility obstacles at the same time as the obedience.
What ever your final goals are make sure you have the right trainer to start and the right breed, character, temperament to achieve that goal.

All training requires; Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition


Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.






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