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Many people have had heated debates about this, so let me enlighten you with the truth.
It all depends on the individual buyer and what they want the dog for.
Some people just love certain breed others don’t care, as long as they are well balanced.
If you want a retriever say for hunting purposes then of course you will be better off with a pure breed that is known for their retrieving instincts, traits and abilities. They will be easier to work with. Now if you like a Jack Russell and want to do the retrieving with them for hunting it’s a no show. You will be frustrated beyond your dreams. Each breed is known for their instincts, traits and genetic build up. It’s in their genes, and have been breed for that.

That is why if you look at dog charts all pure breeds are categorized; herding, sporting, working, etc…
If you’re just looking for a pet, either pure or mixed will do well. Many people also buy a certain breed because they use to have one years ago or growing up as a child.

When choosing a dog your main focus should be to ask yourself what I want the dog for.
Then you must look for a balanced dog with a good character and temperament. Don’t choose a bull dog for example, if you like to go jogging and do outdoor activities.

When it comes to smarts it becomes a tricky issue. The intelligence of the dog plays a huge roll but more than that is the time that the owner is willing to designate in the training. In every category of the dog chart you will find a few that are smarter and easier to train. Example; in the herding dog category a Border collie does wonders, easy to train and excel for all general types of training. You can choose from that same category a German shepherd, if you are interested in different types of training example protection, search and tracking competition and the list goes on…
Pending what your intentions are sometimes you need a bigger dog and at times a small to medium.

Although there are many intelligent breeds out there, not one breed is smarter or easier to train. There are many contributing factors and variable to be taken into account. All breed of dogs, have their own specialty and abilities for what they have been breed for.
The intelligence of any dog, pure or mix is the reflection of its owner’s dedication in training.
No such thing as a pure breed being better or smarter or even easier to train then a mixed breed. It falls upon each dog’s character and temperament, plus the environment and owners dedication towards the training.

In over 33 years of training, I have seen good and bad in both, devotion and dedication in training becomes apparent as the final results of any dog. 
With mixed breeds, you get the qualities of many different traits.
Training can go easy or with some difficulties in every dog, pending age. You can get amazing results with either pure or mixed breeds.
Regardless of the breed pure or mixed the training is based on the age you start, and how much time and repetition you devote. Assuming the dogs is well tempered and has a good character.

Obedience training requires; Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition

Harry Kalajian
M.D.T.  With over 32 years experience
All Aspect of training, Behaviorist, Ethologist & Psychologist
Executive Dog Training Inc.






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