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I love my dog

I don't want to give him up

But my partner can't handle

the dog no more

What do i do?

Don't despaired your not alone we have had many couples in different situations when their pet becomes reason for a break up.

Our intervention techniques and applications have saved hundreds from break ups. The idea is having a professional in the field of dog training/behaviorism to intervene.

What we do:

1- We start by listening to all the problems from both sides.
2- Then we interview each separately.
3- We find the root of the problem then work with the couple through a series of tailored      instructions.
4- For several weeks we meet once a week or every 2nd week.
5- Pending the progress, if needed we alter the program.
6- After several weeks in a joint effort the issues will begin to diminish.
7- Every couples problems are different, but most of the time it's a misunderstanding     between the individuals and misunderstanding of their dog.
8- Proper guidance/training will bring harmony back in to the home.

Success is only achieved if both parties are willing to work at it.

All meetings are strictly confidential.

$ 150.00 / Hr

An average intervention is 4 weeks (4 hours )

Phone consultation

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