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As the title says Action / Reaction in laymen terms means every action subsequently will result in a reaction.

At times it’s positive or negative, and even may exhibit a behavior that wasn’t expected.
A brief general explanation

A dog that was corrected for a behavior that was bad, may interpret the correction as a positive instead of being negative.
That happens when the owners don’t use the proper method of correction accordingly.
Here is an example; the dog is on the couch with you and starts to mouth and slightly/gently bite you, instinctively you push him away.
But he comes back right away and does it again, you push him away again what you have done is engaged him in a play. Even if you raise your voice in a stern way he will still do it again and again. Why? Simply he does not understand because you didn’t correct him properly.
Since every dog is different psychologically we must factor in their character, temperament, environment, age, gender and breed prior to the right method of correction to be administered towards the behavior.

Not one method of corrections work for all dogs. The correction must equate to the level of the unwanted behavior. Same goes if your dog did something good, the level of content you show through praise and your voice pitch will dictate the future outcomes.
Dogs Action/Reaction is equal to what you exhibit in your Action/Reaction.
The action your dog displayed say when called came enthusiastically is rewarded with a high pitch happy contented praise from you would be your reaction. When a behavior is positive in the dogs mind repetitively, they will always listen because they crave for that happiness you exhibited. Same way they will avoid the negative displeasure by your reaction you show, by learning not to repeat it. Repetition for both positive and negative will be directly associated by your action/reaction.
Your dog is pulling that is the action; your reaction is to snap back the leash. Your dog is now not pulling your action/reaction is to praise, your dogs reaction is happy.

Action/reaction is not the same as cause and effect.

Every behavior or action must be followed with a positive or negative reaction by the owners, the frequency of consistency will dictate if they were successful in correcting or instilling a positive reaction from the dog
In closing; if you have or not properly applied the action / reaction rule, it will dictate the outcome by exhibiting to be either positive or negative.

Timing is crucial when the action/reaction rule is administered, either for correcting or modifying behavior.

As of this New Year 2023
Executive Dog Training has now opened a new department in Canine behavioral Diagnostics

Always remember

Training isn’t hard as long as you are willing to put time and follow my formula to have success; Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition.

If you still fail, it’s on you not your dog. You didn’t stick to the formula.

Have a woof woof of a month.

Harry Kalajian
M.D.T., behaviorist, ethologist & psychologist,
with over 32 years of experience in all aspects of training.
Executive Dog Training Inc.
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