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Boca Beacon Paper Column

Boca Beacon

Our Column in the Boca Beacon can be read here or The Boca Beacon News Paper

10th Article September 2019 "Ethics in dogs and People " Click to read.

9th Article August 2019 "Pica Disorder " Click to read.

8th Article May/June/July 2019 "Dog training gets you in shape" Click to read.

7th Article April 2019 "Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition" Click to read.

6th Article Mid-Mar. 2019 "Leisure or Perfect Obedience" Click to read.

5th Article Mar. 2019 "Understanding Dog Behavior" Click to read.

4rd Article Jan. 2019 "Dog Training; Part 2 " Click to read.

3rd Article Dec. 2018 "Dog Training; Part One " Click to read.

2nd Article Nov. 2018 "What is dog training " Click to read.

1st Article Oct. 2018 "A life with a dog on Boca Grande's beaches " Click to read.


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