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Our Executive Steps in Training

Extremely effective as long as the owner follows instructions

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*** Our winning formula ***

Patience, Persistence, Consistency & Repetition is our key to Success

Although the course is 10 weeks, we do not count the weeks or hours. We go according to the learning abilities of both owner and dog. If the training requires additional weeks their is no extra charges, Failure Is Not An Option.

True success is based on mastering each command one at a time, before progressing to the next. As each command is mastered, the end result is an obedient dog.

Once the dog has mastered each command, the training is then moved to high traffic areas and locations. This will not only make your dog street smart, but will also desensitize them from crowded location with lots of distractions; Walmart, Publix, Beals, Home Depot and the list goes on according to each dog.


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