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Natural Supplements

Skin & Coat Care


For Dogs over 4 months old and over 10 pounds

Natural Oils / Less Shed

With a combination of mixtures of oils and fats it provides
an excellent source for all skin and coats.

This product helps maintain or stop excessive fur loss.
Between 75% to 85%

This is not only good for the skin & coat put for the internal body health.

This product balances and adds the fat and oils which are missing in processed dog foods.

The ratio amounts of the ingredients blended, is the magic.

Ingredients: Corn Oil, Butter, Coconut Oil

Each vial contains the right amount.
10 to 30 pounds; Each vial is for 1 daily feeding.
(Pending weight)
Sometimes 1 vial per feeding if fed twice a day or 2 vials per 1 day feeding may be required)

30 to 60 plus pounds; Double dosage vial / per 1 day feeding


Packages Must be kept either in the fridge or freezer.

Best to give at room temperature by leaving it on the counter half hour
before putting on food.

For Dogs over 4 months old and over 10 pounds
( Dogs under 10 pounds half vial )


1 month supply  $ 20.00
10 to 30 pounds
30 vials / 1 month supply


1 month supply  $ 40.00
30 to 60 + Pounds
30 vials / 1 month supply



Is your dogs pee burning your grass?

Chances are the urine has a high level of acidity.

Our ph test paper will confirm, if a high level of acidity iis present.

Color chart

The number 7 is best to be at, the lower the number the more acidity in the urine.

By using our Ph paper test kit you can keep an eye on it daily, weekly or monthly.

80 Strips Full Range pH Test Paper Alkaline Acid 1-14 Water Litmus Testing Kit

Cost: $ 3.25


Acidity Neutralizer


Call for pricing (Pending Qty)



Firm It Up

For Dogs 6 months and older

If your dog has loose stools or is liquidity, this is a natural ingredient mix to give to your dog.

This mix has to be given for several days in a row before, you can see results. You will see a gradual daily difference.

Each packet contains the right amount of mix to bring back a more solid stool.

Each packet is per 1 day feeding.

Ingredients: Contains Pumpkin, Chicken base, rice powder, bits of crack rice.


What ever amount you feed your dog cut that in half which will be 1/2 the normal serving. (Do this for 2 days)

Open packet and sprinkle on their food.

We recommend always mixing with food.

2 Days later, give the normal feeding amount and continue with the mix.


Loose Stool Issues?

Price (Dogs under 10 pounds)

1 Month Supply ( 30pk )
Firm It Up


Price (Dogs over 10 pounds)

1 Month Supply ( 30pk )
Firm It Up





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